Edo United Club e.V München

The Club was founded in August 2000. The formation of the Club was due to the agitation of our people in Munich. Such an organization was to represent and promote our collective interest in Bayern (Munich) in particular and Germany at large. This resulted in the calling for a meeting that was attended by 32 people.

In the meeting, as in many that followed, our Aims and Objectives were clearly defined. As a non-political, religious but a philanthropic organization, we agreed to render support to members on matters affecting their social, economic and legal well-being in Germany; The promotion and nursing of Edo arts and cultural heritage. In addition, we seek to promote friendly relations among our members. Above all, looking back at our root, we agreed to render charitable and humanitarian assistance to desiring individuals and groups in the society irrespective of their ethnic, religious or racial background.

The Club since its inception has organized a lot of social and cultural activities. Our first social and cultural party was organized in 2001; where African (Edo Attire) and food were on display. Invited guests were also treated to Benin traditional music. Since then, we have been repeating this feat annually. In 2006 and 2008, we organized a Benin fashion show which was attended in large number by important dignitaries, cultural enthusiasts and members of the general public. This Club pays special attention to the observance of the popular Igue Festival. Though faced with the challenges of the Christian faith, the Club has continued to uphold and promote this event in this part the world.

The Club also joins members in the celebration of birth, naming ceremony, marriages and dedication of their children at the church.

Edo United Club e.V München is affiliated to Edo Community of Nigeria, Germany e.V (National Body); the umbrella Body overseeing all Edo organizations in Germany. This National Body currently has over 12 registered member unions.

Together with this National body, Edo United Club, Munich participated in the renovation of the Male and Female Accident Wards of the Central Hospital in Benin City in 2004. We later employed two female cleaners for these Wards.

In 2006, the Unions carried out renovation of the Children?s Ward and provided some items to the hospital. Ceiling Fans, Fluorescents Fittings and Tubes, and Sockets units were provided to the GOPD and Orthopedic Wards; in addition to the children?s Ward.

In August of 2008, the National Body in collaboration with the associating branches, made donations of food and other basic items to three orphanage homes in Edo state. The orphanage homes expressed appreciation for our kind gesture.

The Club, being a non-profit organization is financed through monthly contribution by its members. And to effectively carry out our aims and objectives, particularly in the area of rendering charitable and humanitarian services to the needy in the society, we herby appeal to kind hearted individuals, groups and corporate bodies to assist us financially. We can assure you that whatever you give/donate will be judiciously spent.


John Asemota
Rockefellerstr. 68
80937 München

Tel. 089 – 31813941


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