Entity Theatre e.V.

Entity Theatre e.V. ist ein 20-jähriger englischsprachiger gemeinnütziger eingetragener Laientheater-Verein mit dem Sitz in München.

We are a volunteer-driven organization with an eclectic and diverse group of members from across the globe. The thread that unites us is an inherent passion for theatre, and an obsession for good storytelling. Our artistic vision is built on the foundation of a theatre that engages, entertains, questions, provokes, and breaks boundaries. Our mission is to create theatre work that includes, but is not limited to, plays, staged readings, workshops, play-reading, and theatre festivals. We are an open and transparent organization, and are always looking for new members to work with us and contribute to Munich’s English-speaking theatre community. If you have any questions, or if you wish to get involved with us and become a member, contact us here  https://entitytheatre.com/contact-us

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