Party for Uganda – A Project for Lacor Hospital

Samstag 21.04.2018 19:00 - 23:00 Uhr

Party for Uganda – A Project for Lacor Hospital

Come and discover the “miracles” of Lacor Hospital in North Uganda with some of its protagonists:

  • Dominique Corti, doctor, daughter of the hospital founders and president of the Corti Foundation
  • Elio Croce, combonian brother, at Lacor Hospital for 30+ years
  • Cristina Reverzani, doctor, volunteer at Lacor Hospital.

Panel Discussion in Englisch

The evening continues with a tasty buffet, live music by A&V connections and Zumba dance with Llapan Maqui.

A&V connections, which bring together the best of LSI and Rollo & his Jets, play blues classics and rock/pop songs. The members of the band have different musical backgrounds but they have in common the desire to have fun 🙂

Zumba at Llapan Maqui (Helping Hand) combines Latin and Pop music with all sorts of dance styles, such as salsa, samba, merengue, as well as hip-hop and afro. Don’t worry if you’re not the star of the dancefloor, they will make you move – and sweat, just take an extra T-shirt with you!

Veranstaltungsort: EineWeltHaus München, Schwanthalerstr. 80, 80336 München
Raum: Großer Saal E01+Foyer
Veranstaltende*r: Corti Foundation
Eintritt: Frei

Kontakt: Cristina Reverzani -

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