Systematization of Experiences – Learning from our own practice. / Achtung: Diese Veranstaltung findet nicht statt!

Samstag 12.09.2015 11:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Systematization of Experiences – Learning from our own practice. / Achtung: Diese Veranstaltung findet nicht statt!

How to learn from our own experiences, not to repeat mistakes and share lessons learned with other persons, so this can contribute to improve and project the work of a group / association here or with project partners in the Global South. This seminar is about this.
It is common the use of techniques: Putting up project objectives, establishment of indicators and so on. These have to do with the following questions: the goals of a project have been achieved and that in order to justify the award of a grant. Often this is used as a control mechanism, made from „up” and from “outside“ and preparing abdominal pain, if all turn out well – in terms of evaluators and inspectors effect. And the persons who had participate? What do they learn? How can they improve future actions, learning from experiences?
The method of systematization, originated in Latin America in popular education and grass-roots organizations, indicates how to promote self-critical reflections to be in a climate of mutual trust. It allows us to recover the process of our experiences (ideas, actions, emotions, situations.) and make a critical analysis and interpretation of what happened and, mainly on Why it happened this way, and What to do next. It means to look at one’s own practice and build the knowledge gained thereby.
We will analyze the theoretical principles, the methodological process, the possible techniques we can use, and we will do interesting exercises that we could put on practice in our daily work, building knowledge for transformation processes in solidarity.
Oscar Jara, Peruvian / Costa Rican sociologist, popular educator and president of the Latin American Council of Popular Education, has been working on this issue several years in Latin America and other Countries, and published a number of publications on this and similar issues. He will share proposals and examples. It will be interesting and also fun to discover how much we can learn from what we do in our daily.
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